Our mission is

We make shopping profitable for the retailers

Retailment a leader in development, design, production and marketing of display
Mannequins, Shop Fitting and Interior as a whole.

The company has its headquater in Denmark and Our aim is to be represented in most part
of Europe, Asia, North and South America and other continents via sole agents or by license producers.


Our Corporate name ”Retailment” has evolved from the notions: Retail and Entertainment Say: ”The act of retailing” Which to us means:
Inspiration, Optimum exposure, Function, Design, Stop effect, Show, Theater and Illusion.

Retailment as a group comprise two brands
and a separate interior division: Hindsgaul® Mannequins, Darrol Mannequins and
Retailment Interior.








Hindsgaul Mannequins, our premium brand, has specialized for more than 70 years in the design and 

manufacture of display mannequins for many of the most prestigious fashion brands in the world.
Our success as an undisputed world leader is founded on a commitment to innovation – in our products and in the way we work. Our proactive dialogue with our customers and the world of fashion enables us to provide forward-looking solutions for constantly developing customer needs.
While Hindsgaul Mannequins specialty I naturalistic mannequins, our brand Darrol Mannequins focuses on stylistic mannequins. Darrol Mannequins was established in 1974 and is specialized within design and production of high quality stylistic mannequins.

At Retailment there is a solution for everyone – from standard models that are always available at short notice to ongoing collaboration between our designers and customers resulting in exclusive, customized models tailor-made to distinctive global brand profiles.

Our commitment to professionalism, leadership, innovation and inspiration is paramount to us. This makes us a firm anchor point for our customers in an ever changing environment.

Welcome to the world of mannequins, interior and opportunities. 



Retailment is a leader within developing, designing, and producing display mannequins, shop fitting, and shop interior. The company’s headquarter is based in Denmark, where our skilful employees design, develop, and implement our concepts and products. 

Our name Retailment is a fusion from the words retail and entertainment, and expresses our vision that shopping should be fun and entertaining and provide the framework for an experience that stands out.  

Retailment is the corporate name and works as the umbrella for our three product departments; Hindsgaul Mannequins, Darrol Mannequins, and Retailment Interior.

Our success is based on a combination of the excellent skills of our talented employees, creativity, cooperation and the good atmosphere in our company. These values are the base for our products as well as the values are reflected in them. All products are thoroughly worked with and of the highest quality.   

Alongside our corporate website exists our web shop. Via our web shop purchasing mannequins and basic shop interior is available.

Whether it is small or large independent retailers, chain stores, department stores or shopping malls, or exhibition stands - we offer a comprehensive range of various standard components, accessories etc. for quick delivery, good quality at attractive and favourable prices . will continuously running campaigns and “spot” offers, so it is always worth a visit on

Our web shop is the parallel website to our corporate website and a part of Retailment. For customized solutions or special requests, please contact your local Retailment dealer. 



Retailment is leading within the design, development and production of high quality display mannequins and shop decoration and shop interior. We are an international company with great visions, but keeping our feet on the ground. This is reflected in our accommodating customer service and our willingness to accommodate many different kinds of demands with mannequin design and production and shop fitting and shop interior. We take great pride in supplying high quality products in unique and modern designs as well as customized products.

We can accommodate both the wishes of the smaller shop and customize products for larger chain stores and brands. The development and design of both mannequins and interior takes place at out headquarter in Stenløse, Denmark. This means that we offer the opportunity of creating a solution in close cooperation with the customer, while the customer can follow the entire process, and keep in close contact with the designers and developers.